[Video] PCB Design for EMC Compliance + 3 EMC Fail Case Studies

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Please note: This video has been moved to our new online training platform. You can access it by clicking here.

In this in-depth┬ávideo, we’ll be looking at some cool stuff:

  • Get a birds eye view of the EMC problem as we map out the many branches of EMC
  • Learn how to avoid 3 of the most common EMC design issues I see at the PCB level
  • Learn about EMC design reviews (and their limitations)
  • Get an introduction to the Design Review Pro tool and the upcoming EMC Design for Compliance training course.
  • Get an exclusive bonus offer (worth nearly $1300!)

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Andy Eadie

Andy Eadie

Andy Eadie is a former senior hardware design engineer and former EMC test lab owner. He's had a weird fascination with magnets since 4 years old and has been publishing articles, eBooks and online courses since he founded EMC FastPass in 2014.
Andy Eadie

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