Comprehensive Online Training Programs in EMC, RF and Safety

Each program comes with:

Step-by-Step Instruction

..designed specifically for online learning, to make sure you learn everything from the ground up

A Learning Management System

…to track your progress, and keep you focused, organized and motivated

1 Year of Instructor Support

…to get your questions answered when you need them

Core Programs


EMC Design for Compliance: Emissions

Ready to optimize your designs for EMC performance?

Design products that pass radiated and conducted emissions compliance testing with this comprehensive online training course.


EMC Design for Compliance: Immunity

Need your designs to pass immunity testing?

Design products that pass transient and continuous immunity compliance testing with this comprehensive online training course.


EMC Testing Foundations

New to EMC or need a refresher? Start here.

Get up to speed as fast as possible on the latest EMC test requirements, test methods, equipment and standards.

Specialty Programs


FCC Wireless (RF) Pre-Compliance

Designing or testing wireless transmitters?

Perform conducted RF measurements in your own office to ensure your device will pass final compliance testing.


Intrinsically Safe (IS) Hardware Design

Designing for hazardous environments?

Master 60079-0 and 60079-11 standards for UL/CSA, IEC and ATEX certifications


Guides and eBooks


Getting EMC Right First Time Premium

The industry acclaimed eBook for designing a circuit board that will pass emissions and immunity testing the first time.


Global Certifications for Makers and Hardware Startups

Find the regulatory path to legally bring your product to market in the US (FCC), Europe (CE) and beyond.