EMC Testing Technician
Online Training Program

Confidently Create, Perform and Document Electromagnetic Compatibility Tests

A Guide to Full-Compliance, Pre-Compliance, and EMC Troubleshooting

Instructor: Andy Eadie

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   What You'll Learn:

EMC testing is an important step in qualifying the emissions and susceptibility performance of an electronic product.

This course delivers a start to finish process to become a competent EMC technician.  We cover creating fully-compliant and pre-compliant test setups, documenting tests and operating test equipment properly to ensure accuracy.

As an EMC technician, it is important not just to run the software to obtain a pass or fail. It's important to understand the physics and rationale behind each test so that we can avoid making mistakes and provide valuable test data.

Key topics covered include:

  • The equipment needed to perform each test and how to set up and use it
  • How to design and operate a compliant or pre-compliant EMC test facility
  • Become confident using RF test equipment and measurement units
  • How to create test plans and reports
  • How to analyze and present test data
  • How to setup and run radiated/ conducted emissions tests
  • How to setup and run continuous and transient immunity tests
  • How to navigate standards and regulatory agencies
  • How to ensure conformity is maintained after final approvals
  • How to perform system level EMC troubleshooting for emissions + immunity tests

   Who Is This Course For?

Test Engineers

Test engineers who want to learn how to set up and run EMC test equipment

EMC Test Labs

Standardize EMC training for technicians and others involved with EMC testing within your organization

Hardware Manufacturers

Implement robust EMC testing processes and knowledge within your organization

Industry Professionals or Students

Also suitable for engineers and academics involved in the EMC field



15 hrs of training

Individual progress tracking

1 year unlimited access

Access on computer or mobile

Certificate of completion

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   Course Description:

The EMC Testing Technician Course is a comprehensive online course covering emissions and immunity EMC testing requirements and methods.

The training includes 10 modules, with 45-90 minutes per module:

Module 1: Defining the Problem: Introduction to EMC

  • What is EMC
  • EMC for Manufacturers & Test Labs
  • EMC Industry Overview

Module 2: Essential Concepts

  • Physics of EMC
  • Radio Frequencies (RF)
  • Metrology

Module 3: Documentation, Standards & Regulatory Requirements

  • Process & Documentation
  • Common Processes (FCC+CE)
  • Standards & Regulatory Bodies

Module 4: Core Lab Equipment Use, Safety & Maintenance

  • Lab Equipment
  • Mastering Key RF Test Equipment
  • Safety Precautions

Module 5: Radiated & Conducted Emissions Testing

In this module we cover how to setup, perform and document the two most common types of EMC tests: radiated and conducted emissions testing.

Module 6: Continuous Susceptibility Testing

In this module we cover several of the most common continuous susceptibility tests. You will learn how to create the test setup, perform the tests and document the results.

Module 7: Transient Susceptibility Testing

In this module we cover several of the most common transient susceptibility tests. You will learn how to create the test setup, perform the tests and document the results.

Module 8: EMC Testing for Specific Applications

  • Wireless
  • Automotive
  • Medical

Module 9: Pre & Post Compliance Testing for Manufacturers

  • Building an In-House Test Lab
  • Pre-Compliance Testing
  • QA & Ongoing Compliance

Module 10: System Level Troubleshooting & Mitigation

  • Foundation
  • Mitigation Component Options
  • Typical Issues & Fixes

Enroll now, and get up to speed as quickly as possible on the latest EMC test requirements and standards.

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What You'll Get:

 The EMC Testing Technician Course

  10 Modules 

  •   1 year unlimited access

  •   Certificate of Completion

Course Details:

Tuition:     Request Pricing

Setting:     Online/Virtual

Course Length: 15 Hours


   About The Instructor

Andy Eadie EMC Fastpass

Andy Eadie

EMC Engineer | Hardware Design Engineer | EMC FastPass Founder


Andy is an EMC Engineer and the founder of EMC FastPass. 

He designed hardware products for over 10 years including consumer, medical and industrial products before building and running an FCC listed EMC test facility. In 2014 he founded EMC FastPass with the goal of making EMC education interesting, accessible and globally available.

He has been involved with the specification, design and integration of several EMC test facilities as well as maintaining a full suite of test equipment for consulting purposes.