My Name is Andy Eadie

EMC FastPass was created to help address the EMC challenge faced by hardware manufacturers around the world.

It's a small company consisting of me and occasionally some additional consultants/contractors.

I was a senior hardware design engineer for many years and took a trip to the dark side and founded an FCC listed EMC test lab (Island Labs). I got to learn the ins and outs of EMC testing as both a design engineer and a lab manager and also got a clear view of how challenging EMC is for many companies.

I founded EMC FastPass to try to help industry to improve on the 50% average EMC testing failure rate.

To do this I enjoy providing resources to industry such as publishing articles, creating online training courses, distributing test equipment and providing consulting services.

My Timeline

Here's a snapshot of how EMC FastPass came to be...

  • 1980

    Born in Perth, Scotland.

  • 1984

    My fascination with magnetics began after seeing the iron filings experiment.

  • 2001

    Graduated from the University of Glasgow with a Bachelor's Degree in Electronics and Electrical Engineering. My first job out of university was working in the servo team on a portable CD player and burner - a competitor to the Sony mini-disc at the time!

  • 2002-2004

    I moved to London, UK to work for Panasonic in the hardware team. We designed digital radios that could rewind using SD-RAM memory buffers. Within a couple of years, I worked my way up to senior hardware design engineer.

  • 2006

    After seeing pictures of the Canadian Rocky Mountains in a guide book, I visited then eventually moved to West Coast Canada.

  • 2010

    Having worked as a hardware design consultant for several local hardware companies, I identified a need for a local EMC test lab. So with a year of preparation, I funded and constructed an independent EMC test lab called Island Labs. The lab was registered with the FCC and Industry Canada and did emissions, immunity and RF testing with a focus on offering high quality technical support.

  • 2014

    Upon realizing that EMC test labs are not scaleable, I pivoted the business to focus on online EMC content and so EMC FastPass was born! I began blogging about EMC testing and hardware and quickly the first 2000 email subscribers joined the mailing list.

  • 2015

    Shortly after, I created and launched the first online training course all about EMC testing. The course has since been rolled out to many companies around the world. I also wrote and published my first eBook all about global regulations for hardware products.

  • 2015-2016

    The training catalog began to expand. First I developed an 8 hour course all about RF pre-compliance testing as well as a 22 hour course on EMC design for compliance with a focus on emissions control. I also welcomed another 3 instructors to host their courses on the EMC FastPass training hub which added great instruction on intrinsic safety, antenna matching and EMC troubleshooting. Somewhere around here I also bought, dismantled and sold 2 large semi-anechoic chambers.

  • 2017

    Amongst lots of travel for EMC consulting jobs, I launched the EMC online test equipment store and created a new EMC Design for Compliance (Immunity) course that has been well received by many manufacturers.

  • 2018....

    This year begins with a long overdue overhaul of the website. And lots more to come....

For more information on my products and services, please check out the online training hub, the test equipment store and my consulting services pages.

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