EMC FastPass specializes in EMC/EMI consulting, training and test equipment.

With our extensive experience in hardware design and EMC testing, we have the expertise to assist with the most challenging of EMC issues.

EMC/EMI Consulting Services

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EMC / EMI Design Reviews

EMC / EMI Troubleshooting

EMC Test Lab Design

EMSCAN Emissions Report

What My Clients Say..

"We found the review to be very useful and in-depth. It definitely assisted us in preparing a robust design ready for EMC testing"Ondrej Mecl, Senior Design Engineer, Powell Industries
"The design review assisted us to pass testing first time around. We would not hesitate for one second to recommend this company."Andre Girard, President, Securnov Group
“…your report has a wealth of useful suggestions and information. We will be implementing a few of your suggestions right away, and most of them in the next major release” .. “The changes you suggested corrected a noisy channel problem we had”Fred Fierling, President, Exegin Technologies

Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes, I'm available to help wherever you are in the world. I'm based in Canada, but also hold a UK passport which allows me to work legally anywhere in the EU. Other countries may require paperwork for work visas. An alternative is for me to work remotely using your schematics and layout or send your product for debug in my troubleshooting lab.