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EMC Design For Compliance (Immunity)

Learn how to design products that pass transient and

Intrinsically Safe (IS) Hardware Design (Online)

Mastering 60079-0 and 60079-11 certification

EMC Troubleshooting and Pre-Compliance Testing for Product Designers

Learn the tools and techniques used for EMC troubleshooting

EMC Testing Foundations

Get up to speed as fast as possible on

EMC Design For Compliance (Emissions)

Learn how to design products that pass radiated and

FCC Wireless (RF) Pre-Compliance

Learn how to perform conducted RF measurements in your

50% of Products Fail EMC Testing First Time. Is Your Company Ahead of the Crowd?



Professional Training Courses, Online.

Unlike low quality on-demand webinars or recorded live seminars, our high quality training materials are produced specifically for online audiences.

We professionally record and edit all presentations and demonstrations with the latest equipment.

We use condenser microphones, record in high quality (HD) video and professionally edit all content to ensure that your educational experience is of the highest possible quality.


Learn From The Best Lecturers

Our instructors come from a wide variety of backgrounds. We draw from expertise in test & measurement, theoretical EMC (with academic backgrounds) and also expert design engineers who have spent years working with real EMC issues.

Although theoretical knowledge is essential to fully understanding the EMC problem, our emphasis is on practical applications.

Everything You Need To Address The EMC Problem



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