Introduction to PCB Design for EMC/EMI Compliance

EMC EMI PCB compliance training

Learn about the many branches of EMC, 3 common EMC design mistakes and finally, EMC design reviews.

1 hour
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Mr. Andy Eadie (B.Eng)
Instructor, Content Director



This short, but information packed video covers a lot of ground. Our aim is to help you to design products that pass EMC testing, and the information in here is going to help you on your way to doing that.

We’ve provided many EMC design reviews over the past few years and we’ve seen a lot of circuit boards that were sure to fail testing. Many designers broke EMC design rules that more than likely would have caused their product to fail testing.

We began to see the same issues come up again and again and this video outlines some of the most common issues we come across so that you can make sure to avoid doing them yourself.

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In this in-depth fast-paced video, we’ll be digging into these areas:

  • Get a birds eye view of the EMC problem as we map out the many branches of EMC
  • Learn how to avoid 3 of the most common EMC design issues we see at the PCB level
  • Learn about EMC design reviews (and their limitations)
  • Get an introduction to the Design Review Pro tool and the upcoming EMC Design for Compliance training course

This hour long video is free just now, but at some point we’ll probably start charging for it, so we encourage you to watch it for free while you can.



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