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New EMC / EMI Online Training Hub

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It’s been a while since my last update, but I think you’ll like what I’ve been up to since the last post!

I’m proud to introduce a brand new resource for the electronics design community:

EMC EMI online training hub

The new online training hub is home to all current and future online training courses from EMC FastPass. It’s built upon a powerful learning management system that allows engineers to watch training online, do tests and quizzes, as well as track progress and performance.

With this training hub, you finally have access to high quality EMC and RF professional training courses, delivered straight to your own office.

New Online EMC Design Training Course

I’m also pleased to announce that the first course we’re launching on the new training hub is called, “EMC design for compliance (emissions)“.

This course is HUGE. It will be delivered by myself, with the help of some highly skilled engineers and academics. Delivered weekly over 16 weeks, by the end of this course you’ll have a comprehensive understanding of design for EMC compliance.

I’ll be emailing subscribers over the coming 4 weeks to provide more information about the course, so if you haven’t already, I encourage you to join the email list (optin in the blog sidebar).

There will be a class size limit for this course due to the required levels of support. If you’re interested in this subject, make sure to book your position now.

Enrollments can be done directly on the website or contact sales via email.

EMC Design Review Tool

Integrated with the new EMC training course is the online EMC design review tool.

This online tool is a world’s first – an online guided EMC design review tool. Get more details here….


Andy Eadie

Andy Eadie

Andy Eadie is a former senior hardware design engineer and former EMC test lab owner. He's had a weird fascination with magnets since 4 years old and has been publishing articles, eBooks and online courses since he founded EMC FastPass in 2014.
Andy Eadie

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