[Video] DC-DC Converter Layout – Solid Ground Plane or Cutout Below Switch Node?

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One app note tells you to clear the ground plane below the switch node and inductor on your DC-DC converter layout. Another one tell you that you definitely shouldn’t do that. Which one is right?!

In this new YouTube video, we take a look at some custom made circuit boards, designed to help answer this exact question.

The video covers:

  • Comparison of 4 DC-DC layouts
  • Near-field scans using the Scanphone
  • Near-field scans using the EMSCAN EHX-83
  • Radiated emissions test using TekBox biconical antenna
  • Reduction of ambient noise in an office environment
EMC FastPass Admin

EMC FastPass Admin

Andy Eadie is a former senior hardware design engineer and former EMC test lab owner. He's had a weird fascination with magnets since 4 years old and has been publishing articles, eBooks and online courses since he founded EMC FastPass in 2014.
EMC FastPass Admin

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