Anechoic Chamber Removal – Huge 10m ETS Lindgren Chamber

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I recently branched out and bought two separate anechoic chambers (one 5m and one 10m).

Here’s a video of us improvising a bit with scissor lifts to take down the 35 ft, >1 ton posts that support the chamber.

I’ll be following up shortly with a couple of blog posts on anechoic chambers in general and how our disassembly and relocation went.

Andy Eadie

Andy Eadie

Andy Eadie is a former senior hardware design engineer and former EMC test lab owner. He's had a weird fascination with magnets since 4 years old and has been publishing articles, eBooks and online courses since he founded EMC FastPass in 2014.
Andy Eadie

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  1. Hi;
    What is the largest piece of mobile equipment (cranes and earth moving machines) that can fit in your chamber? What are the guidelines for the machine size vs enclosure size to ensure reasonable test accuracy?
    Are there OSHA compliant EMC test alternatives to testing the entire machine in an enclosure? (for examples- see 100 ton mobile crane photos on google)

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