Welcome to EMC FastPass, an online training and education platform for engineers involved in EMC and RF pre-compliance testing, troubleshooting and certifications.


Our goal is to help manufacturers pass EMC and RF testing first time so that they can get to market as fast as possible.

To do that, we provide high quality online training and support for electronic engineers and compliance specialists across many industries including consumer, medical, industrial, military, aerospace and automotive.


Founded in early 2014, EMC FastPass has quickly grown to a readership of over 3500 engineers and manufacturers. From small startups and students all the way up to fortune 500 companies – we all share large challenges in EMC.

EMC FastPass was founded by Andy Eadie, a hardware design engineer and former owner of an FCC listed EMC and RF testing lab. He saw the number of products that struggled to pass testing (more than 50% of submitted products) and realized that there was a large problem worth attempting to solve.


Several individuals are involved in the creation of EMC FastPass training courses.

Because EMC and RF are such large and diverse subjects, we draw on expertise from many areas.

We work with experts from academia (EMC professors), published technical authors and several senior electronic engineers who have EMC expertise in specific areas such as signal integrity and SMPS design (5W up to 50 kW).

We also have strong experience in the regulatory domain as well as test & measurement. This is important for providing a context to the EMC and RF material that we teach.



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