EMC FastPass Online Training Course Pricing

    You will find pricing for all of our course enrollments below:

    CourseAccess and Support PeriodBase Price (USD) - Includes 1 EnrollmentEach Additional Enrollment (USD per person)
    EMC Testing Fundamentals365 days1297199
    EMC Design for Compliance: Emissions365 days2497299
    EMC Design for Compliance: Immunity365 days995299
    FCC Wireless (RF) Pre-Compliance365 days995199
    Intrinsically Safe (IS) Hardware Design365 days2295Contact us for pricing

    Taking More Than One Course?

    If you are interested in more than one course, please contact us for additional available discounts.

    Student/ New-Employee Discount

    The following discount applies to current students or students who graduated within the last 1 year. (Proof of current student status or graduation date required).

    Course ApplicabilityDiscount Level
    All EMC Courses*50%

    *Does not include Intrinsically Safe (IS) Hardware Design.

    Based in Canada?

    Employers can recoup up to 66% of total training costs (up to $10,000 CAD per year, per person) by applying for a government training grant.

    All EMC FastPass courses are eligible for tech training grants. Contact your provincial grant office to confirm availability and get application forms:
    Alberta, BC, Manitoba, NF&L, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Saskatchewan, Yukon.

    Terms & Conditions

    1. Subscriptions and associated login usernames/passwords are issued on a per-user basis.
    2. Course videos are accessed via the EMC FastPass training hub.
    3. Each employee receives a personal login and is enrolled into each course for a period of 365 days.
    4. All of the content on the EMC FastPass training hub is covered under international copyright law.
    5. By logging into the EMC FastPass training hub website, you acknowledge that you are restricted from:
      a. recording or distributing copies of the streaming content.
      b. copying, storing or distributing any of the downloaded content unless specifically stated in the content.
      c. incorporating in whole or in part any content into other media without the express permission of Island Compliance Services Inc. (EMC FastPass)
      d. transferring or distributing your login and password.
    6. We monitor website usage and viewing behavior and reserve the right to terminate accounts if suspicious activity is detected. Violation of the terms above may result in immediate termination of access and/or pursuit of legal action to the extent of applicable laws.

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