EMC Testing Foundations

Get up to Speed as Quickly as Possible on the Latest EMC Test Requirements and Standards

Created by Andy Eadie

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PLEASE NOTE: This course has been replaced by the new EMC Technician online training course. View the new course here.

   What You'll Learn:

  • The equipment needed to perform each test and how to set up and use it
  • Most common reasons devices fail each EMC test
  • How to determine pass/fail criteria for various devices
  • An overview of the main emissions tests devices must pass to be approved for sale in various markets
  • The seven most common immunity tests and how to determine which ones apply to your product
  • Criteria for evaluating and choosing the best test lab for product approvals

   Who Is This Course For?


Test Engineers
Test engineers who want to learn how to set up and run an EMC test lab


Testing Technicians / Engineers
Technicians and Engineers who want to know what test equipment they’ll need to purchase for various EMC tests


Managers and Engineers
Managers and engineers who want to better understand the EMC testing process needed to bring products to market


Industry Professionals or Students

Anyone who has questions about EMC testing and standards



9.5 hrs of on-demand videos

29 video lessons

Individual progress tracking

1 year unlimited access

Access on computer or mobile

Certificate of completion

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   Course Content:

What is EMC?12m:15s
Radiated Emissions37m:23s
Conducted Emissions14m:24s
Voltage Flicker9m:38s
Harmonic Current8m:52s
Immunity Testing Overview11m:40s
ESD Testing16m:59s
Radiated Immunity18m:18s
Electrical Fast Transient/Burst Immunity15m:37s
Surge Testing13m:06s
Conducted Immunity11m:27s
Power-line Magnetic Field9m:12s
Dips, Drops and Interruptions11m:57s
Introduction to EMC Testing Standards2m:41s
Approvals Process For Unintentional Radiators11m:56s
Certification Process For Wireless Devices22m:29s
Navigating FCC (For Non-Wireless Devices)20m:31s
Navigating CE (For Non-Wireless Devices)36m:59s
Navigating FCC (For Wireless Devices)17m:13s
Navigating CE (For Wireless Devices)14m:46s
How to Keep up With the Latest Standards6m:55s
How to Create an Immunity Test Plan37m:03s
FCC and CE EMC Exemptions16m:13s
Guide to Using Wireless Modules29m:32s
How to Select the Best Test Lab39m:51s
Hardware Changes After Certification?46m:54s
How to Get Test Equipment Bargains41m:08s
How to Save $1000+ on European and International EMC Standards7m:46s


   Course Description:

The “EMC Testing Foundations Course” is an introduction to emissions and immunity EMC testing requirements and methods for design and compliance engineers.

The training includes 3 modules:

Module 1: “EMC Testing 101” is an introduction to individual EMC tests and how they will be applied to your products. You’ll learn the fundamentals of each of the main emissions and immunity tests are that your product may face at an EMC test lab.

We cover what each test is for, test equipment used, test methods, how the tests will be applied to your product (for immunity tests), typical failure modes and more…

Module 2: “Standards and Regulations” shows you how to identify and navigate the standards that apply to your product.

You’ll learn the processes and procedures for picking the right route to market for North America and Europe.

You’ll learn how to find and navigate the EMC and RF standards that apply to your product, how to keep up with the latest standards and the pros and cons of using wireless modules.

You’ll get a bird’s eye view of the regulatory requirements and how to efficiently navigate them.

Module 3: "Bonus Guides" can save you several thousands of dollars.

Choosing the right test lab can save you over $2000 and 2 weeks time to market, and we cover what you need to know to pick the right one.

You’ll learn the implications of changing your wireless or non-wireless product after testing.

And I give you an over-the-shoulder look at how I managed to buy test equipment worth over $5000 for under $500 with a screen capture walk through of the process.

Finally, you’ll learn how to pick up CE emissions and immunity standards for free (or very close to free) – legally of course.

Enroll now, and get up to speed as quickly as possible on the latest EMC test requirements and standards.

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What You'll Get:

 The EMC Testing Foundations Course

  29 Video Lessons

  3 Modules

  •   1 year unlimited access

  •   Certificate of Completion

Course Details:

Tuition:     Request Pricing

Setting:     Online/Virtual

Course Length:     9.5 Hours

Featured Reviews:

Colin O’Flynn
CTO, NewAE Technology Inc.

“Andy’s EMC Design for Compliance training is a great mix of theory with practical experiments, and helped me intuitively understand where EMC problems occur and how to avoid them."

Richelle Eck
Engineering Manager, Inuktun Services Inc.

"The courses have really made a difference in the thinking and approach of our electrical engineering team. They now consistently think about design for emissions and immunity as an integral part of our design process. The training has been extremely valuable.“

Dave McCall
Lead Engineer, Steris Medical

“Thank you, Andy! Great course! I learned a lot, understand EMC much better and now am eager to apply that knowledge to a few applications here that have been troubling me.”


   About The Instructor

Andy Eadie EMC Fastpass

Andy Eadie

EMC Engineer | Hardware Design Engineer | EMC FastPass Founder

Andy is a hardware design engineer and the founder of EMC FastPass. 

He designed hardware products for 10 years before building and running an FCC listed EMC test facility. In 2014 he founded EMC FastPass with the goal of making EMC education interesting, accessible and globally available.