Mr. Andy Eadie (B.Eng)

Mr. Andy Eadie (B.Eng)

Instructor, Content Director

Andy is the founder and lead instructor at EMC FastPass. Andy’s background is in hardware design engineering, working for 10 years as a hardware design engineer.

He worked his way up to senior hardware design engineer at Panasonic by the age of 23 and has since worked for consultancies in the audio, medical and consumer industries.

In 2010 he founded and constructed an FCC and Industry Canada listed EMC test lab where he performed emissions and immunity tests for many intentional and unintentional radiating devices.

He is the author of the successful book “Global Certifications for Makers and Hardware Startups” and editor of “Getting EMC Design Right First Time” as well as the creator of several online training courses.

Andy’s passions areĀ in new technology and sports such as volleyball, rock climbing, hiking, karate and skiing.

Online Courses

Course Name Course Price Type
EMC Design For Compliance (Immunity) closed
EMC Design Review Case Study closed

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