EMC Testing 101

EMC Testing 101

Learn the emissions and immunity tests that your product will face.


Acquire a solid foundation for solving the EMC problem by learning about the EMC tests that products typically face during EMC testing.

Solving the EMC problem requires a deep understanding of how EMC tests are applied to a product at a test lab.

This course is the ‘problem definition’ portion of the EMC problem.


  • Learn the test methods for radiated & conducted emissions testing
  • Learn the test methods for immunity (susceptibility) tests such as ESD, EFT, surge, conducted & radiated immunity, voltage dips & interruptions and more..
  • Identify key test equipment required for each test
  • Learn how each test is applied to a product on a per port┬ábasis
  • Predict which tests are likely to adversely influence your product (typical failure modes)
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