EMC Design For Compliance (Emissions)

Learn how to design products that pass radiated and conducted emissions compliance testing with this comprehensive online training course.

21 weeks (Approx 22 hours of training)




Learn how to design products that pass radiated and conducted emissions testing with this comprehensive online training course.


Design for EMC compliance can often be a daunting subject. Huge textbooks are common but unfortunately they are not suited to training up a workforce quickly and effectively on EMC design techniques.

In this fast paced course, using a combination of professionally recorded presentations, video demonstrations and case studies, you will learn the ins and outs of design for compliance.

18f0262Andy’s EMC Design for Compliance training is a great mix of theory with practical experiments, and helped me intuitively understand where EMC problems occur and how to avoid them.

– Colin O’Flynn, CTO, NewAE Technology Inc.

You will receive approximately 1 hour of training per week over a period of 21 weeks.

Progress through the course at your own pace and complete several tests to ensure that you’ve picked up key concepts. All modules are pre-recorded and are accessible at any time in the member’s area. They are intended to be used as a reference to address specific design issues throughout your workday.

Once you’ve watched all of the modules (we track your progress) and successfully completed the tests every enrolled student will be presented with a certificate of completion.

Although the focus is on helping you to get your products through radiated and conducted emissions testing first time around, the design techniques with also have the added benefit of improving the internal EMC performance of your product. Cleaner power supplies, increased noise margins, finer analog measurements, larger eye diagrams and increased RF sensitivity are all typical side effects of good design for EMC performance.

This training course is integrated with the optional “Design Review Pro” tool. It is intended to be used as a reference for every product and PCB that you design so that you can ensure that you continue to follow best design practices.

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The course contains over 60 topics covering a wide array of subject matter. Below you will find some of the top level subjects that we cover, and each subject may have several sub-topics that dig into much more detail.

  • Learn about the EMI coupling mechanisms
  • Learn how board stack configuration and layer usage affects EMI
  • See EMC experiments that help to illustrate several fundamental EMC phenomena
  • Optionally purchase your own EMC experiment kit to follow along with the experiments in your office
  • Learn how to implement design rules that IBM used to reduce EMC related board average re-spins from 2 to zero per product
  • Learn how tuning your power distribution network (PDN) can vastly improve EMI
  • Learn about the importance of return paths
  • Learn about common mode vs. differential mode noise
  • Learn how to choose, place and route de-coupling capacitors effectively
  • Learn about effective board level grounding
  • Learn how to place components and set up component zones for optimal EMI performance
  • Learn how to choose the right types of filter and implement them correctly
  • Learn about cabling, connectors and cable filtering
  • Learn about signal integrity (high speed design) and how it relates to EMI performance
  • Learn about power supply design for radiated and conducted emissions performance
  • Learn about shielding and enclosure materials
  • Learn about system level ground implementation and multiple PCB considerations
  • Learn how to prioritize EMI design rules


  • Hardware design engineers of all levels who want comprehensive training on design for emissions compliance
  • Testing/compliance technicians who want to understand how aspects of design affect emissions performance
  • Junior electronics engineers and graduates who want to add EMC design to their resume (a highly sought after skill)
  • 3rd party test labs that want to train up test engineers on design for compliance


Our industry leading online training platform includes several features that are useful for group and enterprise training requirements:

  • Assign groups of engineers (This could be one team or office or region)
  • Assign group leaders who can monitor individual group member progress (For project managers or team leaders)
  • Group leaders can access reports of individual and group progress
  • Group leaders can monitor group member scores for online integrated quizzes


  • 21 weeks of EMC training (approximately 1 hour of training per week)
  • 1 year access to training material (IP restricted to 1 student)
  • Access to instructor via online forums for 1 year (support throughout the course)
  • Individual progress tracking
  • Online quizzes and tests
  • 1 year of content updates
  • Certificate of completion for all students who successfully finish training course and complete all tests

Note: Due to illegal distribution concerns and copyright infringement, online courses are not available for download.

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