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EMC Design For Compliance: Emissions
EMC Design For Compliance: Immunity
EMC Technician Training
FCC Wireless (RF) Pre-Compliance
Intrinsically Safe Hardware Design

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EMC Design For Compliance: Emissions
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Testimonial #1

“Thank you, Andy! Great course! I learned a lot, understand EMC much better and now am eager to apply that knowledge to a few applications here that have been troubling me.”

Dave McCall, Steris Medical
Lead Engineer

Testimonial #2

“The courses have really made a difference in the thinking and approach of our electrical engineering team. They now consistently think about design for emissions and immunity as an integral part of our design process. The training has been extremely valuable.“

Richelle Eck, Inuktun Services Inc.
Engineering Manager

Testimonial #3

“Andy’s EMC Design for Compliance training is a great mix of theory with practical experiments, and helped me intuitively understand where EMC problems occur and how to avoid them.“

Colin O’Flynn, NewAE Technology Inc.