EMC Design Review (Emissions)

EMC Design Review (Emissions)


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Ever wonder how to design your product to give it the best chance of passing EMC the first time? The EMC design review tool is an online tool that guides you through a comprehensive checklist based review of your circuit boards, enclosure and cabling to check that industry standard EMC design best practices have been used.


We’ve used our EMC design review for the last several years to help our clients get through EMC testing first time around. As we’ve learned more and more, we rolled in new design guidelines and best practices to ensure that we have the most up to date and rigorous EMC design review available.


Normally we charge $1000-$2000 for a custom design review, but now we’re opening up our secret tool to allow you to review your own designs or those of your clients (if you’re working in a consultancy). We want to help to improve the industry average pass rate from the currently horrible 50% up to closer to 100%.


This tool integrates with our EMC design for compliance training course, which enables a video training module for each of the checklist items so that you have the theory and practical examples to refer to.

Areas Covered

  • PCB stack/technology
  • Grounding and planes
  • Power supplies
  • De-coupling
  • Supply sensitive blocks
  • Power and ground pours
  • Return paths
  • IC de-coupling
  • Shielding
  • Enclosure
  • Cabling



As more and more manufacturers use the tool and provide us with feedback, we will update the checklist monthly with new suggestions. The tool allows EMC FastPass members to benefit not only from their own experience and ours, but also from all of the other manufacturers who are part of the community.



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